Shopping Guidelines

  1. Only orders accompanied by complete details shall be processed. We encourage you to review all information sent to us to ensure that all relevant information necessary to process the order are complete and accurate.

  2. The availability of the product is based on the stock on-hand at the time the order is received by the Sinude Team. Should clarification or clarification be necessary to complete your choice, the Sinude Team will contact you via email.

  3. Should the specific design or quantity is not be available for any reason at the time the order is processed, you will be immediately informed and  availability other options will also be provided.

  4. If you the order is not processed, we request that a message be immediately sent so that the Team may attend to you.

  5. Payments should be made within two (2) days after the order has been made, at which time bags are reserved exclusively for you. Payments not received during this time shall be cancelled.

  6. Only payment modes indicated are available. If you wish me make payments via other modes, you may contact the Team to advice you of other possible options.

  7. Prices indicated do not include shipping costs. 

  8. Shipping costs vary. Costs shall be based on courier rate, bag size, bag quantity & location.

  9. If you wish to avail of courier insurance, you may message the Team for this request.

  10. After making payment, the Team will immediately message you as to your purchase’s delivery status.

  11. Sinude ships within the 3 days after payment has been confirmed.

  12. Sinude follows the NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE Policy.

  13. For any other concerns, you may contact the Sinude Team through