Sinude understands how important bags are to women! Besides its functionality and the importance of having it cater to a woman's demanding lifestyle, it is also an expression and a statement of who they are.

SINUDE gives you BAGS that cater to a woman's every side, her every need, and her every passion! Its edgy, sweet, classy, timeless, posh, strong, playful, functional and always exclusive. All bag desires in one brand!

Sinude understands the modern woman! She is powerful, feminine, independent, worldly, classy, playful,strong, ready for anything and most of all UNIQUE! She has different layers to her and you never can define her at just one go :)We bring beautifully crafted little bundle of carry-ons of choice styles and great quality that are never mass produced. Our pieces come in small quantities so go ahead and take your pick before you miss it!

From now on, there'll be a bag for every want in the female arsenal!

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