Specially Made

Specially Made


Handsewn and handmade pieces are all the rage this season and with really good reason why you should own at least one piece for yourself.  Specially made bags are created for you.  Your concept, your features and all your bag dreams created into one piece.  This is one of our favorite things to do here in Sinude is to make bag projects with you.  We get really excited to include you in our process and let you design your own piece and for us to guide you along the way to execute those designs.  Leather and accessories are also part of the service we provide and we want you to take your pick from the wide array of choices we have in stock. Every piece of leather bag in our store is handmade.  Some are fully hand sewn and some are done with help with leather sewing machines.  All of which are still carefully constructed mainly by hand.  Our Artisans have been in the industry for more than 30 years now and they get better as the years progress.  For every piece, our team discuss each design details and edits thoroughly.  We study each design and openly discuss what works, what is proportional, what makes each piece functional, what features work best and which construction fits in each design.  Backed by knowledge of crafting, sewing and construction, we truly want each piece of leather bag to stand out once you start using them.  Then each design is tested out by making a trial piece.  When everything is tested out and edited, we now move on to creating "the piece" for you.  What we truly desire when you receive your bag is for you to experience the love and care we put into our leather bags.  It is not just business for us but a passion, a lifestyle that we want to convey but with you in mind.  The joy that it brings to you is priceless to us.  Knowing that you love the bag that was specially made for you is our  accomplishment, our pride and joy.  

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